Anti-social behaviour

We will not tolerate and will take appropriate action against any form of anti-social behaviour. You chose anti-social behaviour as one of your community pledges and we will be working to prevent and resolve any anti-social behaviour in your area. 

Anti-social behaviour is defined as 'acting in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household.'

You can report any anti-social behaviour using the online form below.

Incident Diary

When did the incident happen?

If overnight enter both dates

Where did the incident happen?

Put the address where the incident happened - not your own address unless it is the same

Put the name of the person or people responsible. If you know any other ways of identifying them such as nicknames enter them here.

Write down exaclty what you saw and heard, or what happened. Put all words in full, including swear words.

Did anyone else see or hear the incident? Put their names and addresses.

Have you told any organisations like the police, environmental health or social services? If so, write down who you spoke to and where and when you made the report. If you reported it to the police, please put the officer's number and crime number if there is one.

Write down the way the incident has made you feel. Include its effect on the people who live with you. For instance has it stopped you sleeping, frightened your children and so on? Are you affected because of age or ill health?

I confirm that the information I have given above is a true description of what I saw/heard

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