Success stories and prevention

Taking a stand against drugs on Buckland

Case A
We obtained a demotion order against a tenant from Drake Road, Newton Abbot following them being convicted of possession, production and cultivation of cannabis in their home.  A demotion order is where a judge orders that a tenant should have their rights as an assured tenant downgraded. This makes the tenancy an assured shorthold tenancy, which can be ended more easily if the tenant does not meet the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Case B
We made an application for possession of a property in Jellicoe Road, Newton Abbot following the tenant being convicted of possession with intent to supply class B cannabis. We also received a number of anti-social behaviour complaints against this tenant. In this case, the tenant gave up their tenancy before the Court hearing.

Case C
We made an application for possession of another property in Jellicoe Road after one of the tenants was convicted of possession with intent to supply to Class A drugs. The judge has given the order, but suspended it for 12 months on terms that the tenant has no further convictions or breaches.

Stop drug use in your area
We work closely with the Police in relation to drugs on our estates and take reasonable actions against tenants where convictions are obtained. The Police rely on members of the public coming forward and reporting suspicious behaviour to them. If you believe someone in your community is involved with drugs, you can report your concerns anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111or at

Elsewhere in Teignbridge
Anti-social behaviour injunctions we obtained against one tenant from Manor Road, Newton Abbot and two of their visitors who were causing nuisance and annoyance in and around the property.The injunctions prevent the tenant from allowing the visitors into their home and there are Police powers of arrest attached to the injunctions if they do not comply.

Eviction is always a last resort and we will try to get people to change their behaviour before taking this step. Where there is no criminal conviction, to evict someone or to grant an injunction because of their behaviour, the Court need to understand the impact it is having on neighbours and/or the community. This very often involves witnesses coming to Court and is why our anti-social behaviour Community Pledge is focused on supporting witnesses.

If you are being affected by anti-social behaviour you can log it, 24 hours a day, using the online incident diary.