Be involved

Resident Involvement leads to better decision making, improved services and increased customer satisfaction. There are lots of ways to get involved and have your say – whether you’ve got a quick five minutes every couple of months to spare, or if you are able to give more of your time on a regular basis.  However you get involved, joining others to share ideas and make suggestions means that you will be heard loud and clear.

Residents' groups
Residents' groups work in local neighbourhoods to get things done. They enable people to work together to improve their communities, which helps to produce a positive community spirit. Teign Housing supports local residents' groups and encourages them to grow and develop into effective organistions. Groups meet regularly, and all the residents in their area are welcome to come along to meetings.

Developing your skills Teign Housing offers support and training for residents who get involved with us, and we will work closely with residents to identify any training needs they may have.