Moving home

There are a number of ways of finding alternative accommodation and we recommend that you consider all housing options to increase your chances of being re-housed. Please refer to the Housing Options pack or contact the Moving Homes team for more information.

Already found a new home?

If you are a Teign Housing tenant you will need to give us four weeks notice in writing and the notice period will always start from a Monday. You can use the form “termination of tenancy” to make this easier. Please remember to advise us why you are moving and provide a forwarding address.

During the notice period we will need to carry out a property inspection. We will arrange this with you or make an appointment and confirm this in writing. It is better to have the inspection as soon as possible so we can advise you how the property should be left and agree on anything that you may be able to leave in the property.

You can find out more information about the standard the property should be left and possible re-charge costs by looking at the documents listed on the right.