Devon Home Choice

Devon Home Choice has now been running for 5 years and is a Devon wide partnership of the 10 Devon Local Authorities and 24 Registered Housing Providers, including Teign Housing.

In that time it has helped over 45,000 families, couples and individuals to move, including 1464 Teign Housing tenants.

Some of our tenants have asked us for advice on Devon Home Choice; including clarification on how the system works and improving their chances of moving.

How do I register for Devon Home Choice?

You can learn more about Devon Home Choice and apply online on their website

What happens once I have applied?

Once your application has been processed you will be given a banding, band start date and details of the size of home that you will be able to bid for.

What do the different bandings mean?

There are currently five bandings (A-D) within Devon Home Choice, with A being the highest. ‘A’ is classed as an emergency housing band. This is for applicants who have an urgent medical need to move or are at risk of violence. Band B is considered as High Housing Need and includes those accepted as statutorily homeless, threatened with homelessness, downsizers, severely overcrowded or have a high health and wellbeing need. Band C is for Medium Housing Need and includes people living above the 4th floor with children aged under 8, medium health and wellbeing need and needing to move for work. Band D contains those that have been assessed as having a low housing need. There is also a Band E – No Housing Need, for those that are adequately housed, although Teignbridge and Torbay local authorities will not register Band E applicants. Therefore, applicants living in these Council areas, who have been assessed as having no housing need, will not be able to register with another Devon local authority, unless they have a local connection to that area. More information on bandings can be found on the Devon Home Choice website.

How can I keep up to date with what is being advertised?

The new properties are advertised online every Wednesday from 12.00 am until 11.59 on the following Monday. You can bid for up to 3 properties per week. We also print paper copies of properties available that you can pick up at our offices. We also offer internet access at these offices, so you can access your application or bid online. The local authority managing your application can also set you up, so that the system automatically bids for you, if you are unable to bid yourself.

Bid on your mobile phone
Once you have registered with Devon Home Choice, you can bid for properties through the Home Connections app on your smart phone.

All you need is your applicant ID number and PIN and you will be able to bid on a home whilst you're out and about.

The simple and straight forward interface makes searching bidding and managing your property bids easier than ever before.

Click on these links to download the app:


IOS (Apple):

What happens once the bidding has closed?

Once the bidding has closed a shortlist for each property will be generated. The person with the highest banding who has been on the list for the longest will be successful, subject to any other criteria such as need for disabled adaptations in the property.

How can I improve my chances of being successful?

It is very important to ensure you keep all your details up to date, especially your contact details, as we usually notify people by phone if they come top of the shortlist. Other changes such as people moving into, leaving your home and pregnancy can affect your priority and bedroom need. The higher your banding, the more likely you are to be successful. Information on how the bandings are assessed can be found on the website, so any changes in your circumstances, that you feel affect your banding, please contact the local authority managing your application. Another way of increasing your chances of being successful is widening your areas of choice so that you can consider more properties. The Devon Home Choice website tells you where you are in the list when you bid for properties and also publishes the banding and start date of the people who have been successful, so this should give you a rough indication of how likely you are to move.

What other options are there if you move home?

The other option that we offer tenants who are looking to move home is Homeswapper. This is a nationwide mutual exchange service that we have signed up to so that Teign Housing tenants can register for free. The benefits of Homeswapper are; that as it is a nationwide service, if you are looking to move out of the area, you can have access to properties all over the country.  All you have to do is complete details about your current home and the type of property you would like to move to. You can also upload photos. Once you have done this, it will send an email to us asking to confirm that you are a tenant, we will acknowledge this within 1 working day. The system will then match you with other tenants who have the type of property that you want that are looking for your property type. Please note that you will not be able to mutually exchange if you are currently in the starter period of your tenancy. If you have any rent arrears, they will need to be cleared before you would be allowed to move. For more information or to register, please visit

What do I do once I have found someone to swap with?

When you have found someone to swap with, please contact us and we will send out your application form, or you can download the application from our website. There is also further information on mutual exchanges, including useful advice on ensuring your personal safety when visiting potential swaps.

If you have any further queries please contact Lettings on 01626 322722.