Less is more!

Does your house have more rooms than you need?
Because of the shortage of family homes, when you move to a smaller property we will help you to make it as easy as possible for you.

To find out more about how we can help and for an informal chat call 01626 322722 or e-mail: You will be under no obligation to move.

Enjoy the benefits of moving somewhere smaller
Less space can mean lower fuel bills and a lower Council Tax banding .

A smaller or communal garden is more manageable, so you can enjoy time outside rather than worrying about a list of jobs to get on with.

We aim to make the move as easy as possible for you.

You choose where you want to live. Stay or move closer to family and friends, near shops or a bus route or in a quieter location. You can move anywhere in the UK as long as you move to another housing association or council owned property.

Choose somewhere with an additional guest bedroom. If you need somewhere for family to stay, you can move to a property with less rooms than you currently have and still get help.

You might want to choose a home with special support services, which will help you to remain independent in your home for longer.

Maybe you’ll choose a home that has the benefit of a built in social life - look for properties in areas with a community room and offering activities such as bingo, coffee-mornings and day trips.

When Doreen Farmer decided to move somewhere smaller she gave the Clark family a chance to make their own happy memories. Doreen’s story: “After 57 years worth of happy memories in the same home in Newton Abbot, I wasn’t looking forward to moving. But the longer you leave it, the harder it gets. I chose somewhere just down the road – so I can still easily see friends and family, and with coffee mornings and BBQs I’ve found I’ve made even more friends. I’ve can now enjoy a communal garden and do some planting if I want, but not to worry if I don’t feel up to it. Even better, I can see the market from my flat – so there are always interesting people to watch, walking past. The move was upsetting as I had so many happy memories of my three children growing up in the old house – I’d been mother, granny, nursemaid – everything in that house! But I understand the shortage of family homes here, and it’s only right that someone else gets the chance to live there now. Knowing another family can really use and enjoy that house is my consolation. If they are half as happy as we were, then they’ll be okay.”

Denise Clark, her husband, carpet fitter Ian, and children, 2 ½ year old Jack, Lucy aged 5, 9 year old Amy and Sophie aged 13, had been living in a two bedroom home in Dawlish for the last 12 years. Denise’s story: “When my youngest two children were born, our flat started to feel a bit cramped. The children all slept in the same room, which was particularly hard on my eldest, who just couldn’t get a moment’s peace to settle down with her schoolwork. Now we have three bedrooms it’s made a huge difference and the kids have settled well into school – it’s great. Another bonus is having a garden – Jack just loves going out in the fresh air to run around."