ASBI success in Teignmouth
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On Friday 17 August we successfully obtained a 12 month Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction against Mr Kane of Douglas House, Teignmouth. This action was taken after Mr Kane had been causing a nuisance by behaving in a drunken manner in the communal areas, being noisy, verbally abusive and threatening towards his neighbours.

Richard Thompson, our Anti-Social Behaviour Officer said: “We were able to use footage from our CCTV cameras as evidence and we also had the help of two neighbours, one of whom appeared at Torquay and Newton Abbot Court. The injunction prevents Mr Kane from behaving in an anti-social manner and forces him to comply with the terms of his tenancy. There are powers of arrest attached to the order, meaning he can be arrested if he breaches some of the terms of the injunction.

“We would like to thank the neighbours who came forward as witnesses, going to court can be an intimidating experience, but without their strength and willingness to take a stand against this behaviour, we may not have had such a successful outcome. We are working with the neighbours to make sure they are protected and Mr Kane has been offered support to help make changes so that he can maintain his tenancy and avoid homelessness.”

An Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (or ASBI) is an order that prohibits the person who has been given an injunction from engaging in housing-related anti-social conduct that is specified in the injunction. A breach of an ASBI, in Civil Law, is a contempt of court which can result in the perpetrator being committed to prison for up to two years. As a landlord, we have the powers to apply an ASBI under the Housing Act 1996.

Photograph: Richard Thompson, our Anti-Social Behaviour Officer outside Douglas House with the Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Order