Benefit Cap up-date
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The Welfare Reform and Work Act (2016) introduce some changes to the benefit cap. These changes, which will take effect in November 2016, include changes to the benefit cap levels to £23,000 a year for couples with or without children and lone parents and £15,410 for single people without children in Greater London, and £20,000 and £13,400 respectively for those groups elsewhere in Great Britain. They also include additional exemptions for recipients of Guardian’s Allowance, Carer’s Allowance and Universal Credit claimants who receive payments towards carer’s costs. The benefit cap is a limit on the total amount of welfare benefits that people of working age can receive.

If you live outside Greater London the new limit will be a total of:

  • £384 a week for lone parents and couples with or without children
  • £257 a week for single people
  • War Widow’s or War Widower’s Pension

If you are affected by the Benefit Cap, and are on Housing Benefit, your housing benefit award will be cut - for some people to as little as 50p a week. Your other benefits cannot be cut. This means that if you are affected you must pay the shortfall between your rent and your Housing Benefit.

For more information about the benefit cap changes please visit www.Gov.UK/benefit-cap

Letters are being sent out during September by the Department for Work and Pensions letting you know if you will be affected and by how much. If this is the case please contact Grace at Teign Housing on 01626 322792 or email