Benefit changes - prepare for them now
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If you claim housing benefit to help pay your rent, you may be affected by changes from April 2013. It is important that you know what the changes are, who they will affect, and what you can do to prepare for them.

These changes only apply to working age people (18 years to pension credit age). You could lose some or all of your housing benefit if you have a 'spare' bedroom that you don't need.

The Government are also bringing in an overall cap on household benefits. From April 2013, if you are out of work, the overall amount of benefit you can receive will be capped. The cap will be set at about £500 per week for lone parents and couples with or without children, and £350 per week for single people without children.

There are also going to be changes in council tax benefit. From April 2013, if you claim council tax benefit, the amount of support you receive may go down. This is because the Government is cutting the amount of money available and asking local authorities to run their own support schemes, which may vary from area to area.

For more details about these changes please go to our benefit changes page