Buckland's Big Tidy Up
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Teign Housing staff and a group of younger residents from Buckland, Newton Abbot took part in Buckland’s big clean up event on Wednesday 26 October. The area around Frobisher and Jellicoe Road was given a good tidy up in the morning where two large skips were filled to the brim with large unwanted goods such as toys, mattresses and furniture. A representative from Teign Housing’s repairs contractor, Ian Williams, was also on hand to provide a door-to-door repairs service.

Clare Beach, our Neighbourhood Services Manager said: “We were very lucky with the weather and even luckier to have the help of some of our younger residents who all got stuck in and worked really hard. After cleaning up in the morning we joined members of the Buckland Residents’ Association at the community centre where we provided a temporary graffiti wall and a junk band for entertainment.”

We have approximately 570 properties in the Buckland area of Newton Abbot. The area has been identified as one of our two priority areas, which also includes Kingway in Teignmouth.