Changes to your rent
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On the 3rd April 2017 your rent and service charges will change, if you haven’t already received notification of what your new rent and service charges will be, you will receive this in the post shortly.

Alongside a letter, you will also receive a 'guide to your service charges' booklet, which contains more details about what your service charges pay for, how we calculate them and whether or not they are eligible for housing benefit or not.

Rent in advance
We would like to remind all of our customers that your rent should be paid in advance and your account should never be in arrears. Have you thought about a direct debit to ensure your rent is paid on time? If you are not in advance, we can arrange for you to pay something extra with each payment. This does not have to be large extra payments – just something that you can afford.

For those customers who keep leaving a small debt on their account, you need to contact the Rents Team to make an arrangement to bring up to date and get in advance. The rents team will be contacting all those tenants who do not clear their rent accounts and do not discuss any shortfall with them. Please note that we have taken around 45 customers to court for rent debt this year.