Community garden opens - Ashburton
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Mike Hanrahan, Teign Housing’s chief executive officially opened the St Andrew’s Close Social Club Jubilee Garden on Tuesday 11 June in Ashburton. In 2012 Bill Young and Helen Elston came up with the idea of creating a community vegetable garden on a patch of unused ground. They received a £500 grant from the Teign Housing Tenant’s Forum Community Chest, which was used to buy gardening equipment and a shed. Support also came in from other local businesses including Glendinning who donated some stone for the garden.

At the opening event, Bill Young and Helen Elston said: “Our goal is to provide healthy, inexpensive produce for members of the social club. We also want to promote social interaction between those of us that suffer a disability, or are reaching an age where getting out and about can be problematic. We have created borders and raised beds to make sure our less mobile neighbours can also access and enjoy the garden.”

Mike Hanrahan said: “This type of project is exactly what the Tenant’s Forum Community Chest is designed to support. It allows our residents to lead on projects that they are passionate about and it helps to bring neighbours and communities together in a way that is personal to them.”

The Tenants' Forum Community Chest is an annual £5000 that Teign Housing sets aside to fund local community projects. Awards are available up to a maximum of £500. Go to our Community Chest page for more information and an application form.