Compulsive hoarding
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Compulsive hoarding is a form of anxiety where a person acquires too many possessions and has difficulty in getting rid of them when they are no longer useful or needed. Hoarding becomes a serious problem when a home is so cluttered that: 

  • Rooms can no longer be used as intended
  • Moving through the home can be difficult
  • Exits are blocked

Clothes, newspapers, containers, junk mail, books and craft items are common items that are hoarded. 

Our Housing Team often encounter and work with people that are affected by compulsive hoarding. The work that we do is to try and encourage people, to at the very least, ensure that people have a clear fire exit, can move freely through their home and can use their rooms as intended.

The Housing Team have a range of tools that they can use and can offer people affected with a hoarding Kick Start Pack and can conduct regular visits to ensure people are making progress and also make referrals to other support providers.

The Kick Start Pack also has useful contact details in it that can assist people with trying to overcome issues related to hoarding. If this matter is affecting you or a member of your family please feel free to call the Housing Team on 01626 322739, or the Independent Living Team on 01626 322819 if you live in an older persons’ property.

Hoarding UK have a number of resources to help people who hoard or for those living with a hoarder. This support includes their helpline 020 3239 1600 

The NHS also have lots of information about hoarding and how to get help