Cost of missed appointments
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When you are not home for a repair appointment it costs us a lot of money. Over the course of a year there are, on average, 715 missed repair appointments. This is a huge number and the cost incurred of attending 715 missed appointments every year would fund one of the following:

  • Installation of 10 brand new bathrooms
  • Carrying out repairs and bringing up to standard 15 empty properties
  • Installing 300 smoke detectors
  • Employing two staff members for a year
  • Providing the responsive caretaking service for a year

To help reduce the number of missed appointments, you can keep a record of the appointment in a handy place. This could be by:

  • Writing the date and time in your calendar
  • Putting the details in your mobile phone calendar
  • Putting a note on your fridge

We appreciate that sometimes you might forget when your repair appointment is booked for. We do send a text reminder to confirm your appointment the day before. If you don’t receive these messages then please give us call so we can check that we the correct mobile number for you. Don’t forget, you can also up-date with your contact details online via SeeMyData.  

If your plans do change and you cannot keep the appointment then please call Ian Williams on 01626 818563 to re-arrange for another time. 

Don’t forget, fewer missed appointments mean better services and more improvements for you!