A day in the life of a Teign Housing Caretaker
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Duties vary from scheme to scheme dependant on the level of service that residents have opted for, and the design of each scheme.

Start times also vary. Jonathan, who looks after the blocks of flats in Teignmouth, starts work as early as 5.30am to ensure that the stairwells and corridors are swept and mopped before the residents are up and about. Chris’s duties and the schemes where he works are quite different. Chris starts work at 8am as we don’t think the residents at Chris’s schemes would be very pleased if he started mowing the lawns at 5.30am!

Jonathan looks after the five blocks of flats at entrance to Teignmouth. These were underwent a £4million improvement programme that was completed in 2012 (Teignmouth Regeneration). On a typical day, Jonathan will check all the chute rooms and bins stores, ensuring any blockages are cleared and that recycling bins are not contaminated. The bins are then placed out ready for collection. One block per day will have all their corridors and stairwells swept and mopped. External areas will be litter picked and weeds removed from pathways and car parks. All communal lighting will be checked, and bulbs replaced as necessary.

There is no typical day for Chris, everyday is different! One day a week, normally on a Tuesday chris will spend the day travelling across Teignbridge testing the fire alarms in our offices and in the communal areas at blocks of flats and sheltered schemes. Other days are equally as different as Chris could be anywhere in between Tedburn St Mary, Newton Abbot or Bovey Tracey.

Chris is kept busy looking after the grounds at many of the schemes where he provides a caretaking service. In addition to the caretaking duties, Chris also looks after the grass cutting, hedge and shrub bed maintenance at these schemes. During the winter months Chris consults with residents on improvements to the communal areas, as a result, improvements to shrub beds have been made and patio areas installed.

Both Jonathan and Chris carry out safety checks in the communal areas. These include monthly testing of the emergency lighting, changing the timing of the communal lighting and door entry systems to coincide with clocks going forward or back.

In addition, minor repairs are carried out by the caretaking team such as repairs to gates and fencing in communal areas and erection of signage (caretaking and grounds maintenance).

The caretakers are a point of contact for repairs to the communal areas, and will report repairs to our contact centre and liaise with contractors attending the site; providing access where required.

From time to time the caretakers are called upon to respond to emergency requests, such as fire alarm faults and lack of lighting on stairwells. Meter readings for communal electric supply are monitored to ensure that, as residents, you are only paying for the electric used.

During the winter months grit bins (if on site) are checked and topped up every month, ensuring a supply of grit is available in periods of inclement weather.

We would really like some more residents to join our Caretaking Monitoring Panel. If you receive a regular caretaking service in your area and would be happy to provide feedback on the service you receive. Please get in touch via our contact us page.