Disability Living Allowance to be replaced
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Did you know that Disability Living Allowance for adults is being replaced?

The benefit replacing DLA for adults is called Personal Independence Payment (PIP). All adults who were under 65 years old on 8 April 2013* and who are already claiming DLA will need to move over to the new benefit when the time comes. This includes people on long-term or definite DLA awards.

Adults who would otherwise be making a new claim for DLA now need to claim PIP.

Adults who are already claiming DLA have started receiving letters from the Department of Work and Pensions telling them when their DLA claim will end, and when they need to apply for PIP. These letters are being sent out gradually; some people won’t need to move over until next year.

However, we want to ensure that affected tenants are aware of this change. It’s worth bearing in mind that claims for PIP are assessed differently to claims for DLA. If you already receive DLA you won’t necessarily receive the same award level of PIP. This is why our Go 2 Advisor, Naomi, has been phoning and writing to tenants, to give them the opportunity to ask questions about the PIP claims process.

If you would like a booklet outlining the main points of PIP, or need money or budgeting advice, contact the Go 2 Advisor on 01626 322788 or naomi.hawkes-southern@teignhousing.co.uk

*Please note there was a mistake on our letter that went to households last week. We said that adults born on or before 8 April 1958 aren’t affected by the change. This is incorrect, only adults born on or before 8 April 1948 are unaffected.