Getting Ready for Winter with TeignCare
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As we approach the winter season coping with cold weather can be a worry. Getting your home ready for winter can help you to stay safe and warm.

Safety Advice given by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS) recommends that every home should have at least one smoke alarm. In addition DSFRS also advise that fitting a Carbon Monoxide detector is a good idea although regular maintenance of heating and cooking appliances should also be carried out. Our Winter Package is especially useful in the following circumstances:

  • You have fossil fuel e.g. gas or oil or wood burning appliances – boilers, heaters & cookers
  • You have a long term condition or sensory impairment
  • You are at risk of falling or have limited mobility

Staying Safe and Warm – Prepare for Winter with TeignCare's Winter Package
The package consists of a smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide detector and a temperature extreme sensor, especially useful if your home is difficult to heat or you have limited mobility.

These extra sensors can easily be added to your current pendant alarm system in your home and are linked directly to our monitoring centre in exactly the same way as your pendant. When the sensors are activated they will sound an audible alarm and tell the monitoring centre. The operator will contact you to offer help and support.

If you don’t currently have a pendant alarm, and would like more information then please call our TeignCare line.

The package includes the sensors below, however they can also be purchased individually from as little as an extra 90p per week.

With winter fast approaching this is the ideal package to provide that extra reassurance and peace of mind for you, your home and your family & friends.

Call our friendly TeignCare team today on 01626 355135 to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration or to request further information or email us at