Haldon ridge traveller site - update
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Plans to build an authorised traveller site at Haldon have been making steady progress over the past few months. We have now put up temporary fencing around an area next to the current unauthorised traveller site. This fencing will mark the area where we are proposing to build the new authorised site and will allow site surveys of the area to be completed.

Jo Reece, our Deputy Chief Executive said: “We have obtained a license to put up fencing so that we can carry out these surveys. Once the surveys have been completed our architects can then draw up the designs and site plan that will be part of our planning application.

“We are still proposing to build 15 pitches on the new site and we would like to reassure the public that we are not extending the size of the current site. Having the new site next-door will allow us to get on with the building work with minimal disruption to the travellers. Once the site is built, the travellers who are allocated pitches will be able to move across and, together with our partners, we can start work on restoring the area where the unauthorised site is currently.

“All of this will be dependent on planning permission being granted and we are aiming to submit our planning application this summer.”

Travellers who are not allocated a pitch at the new site will be assisted by Teignbridge District Council to find alternative accommodation. Enforcement action will be made against any travellers remaining on unauthorised land.

Cllr Philip Vogel, Teignbridge Executive Spokesperson for Housing and Planning said: “We are committed to meeting local housing needs and providing good quality support to anyone in need of a home. If an authorised site is approved, pitches will be allocated based on a number of factors, giving priority to those with the greatest need.

“Anyone who isn’t successful getting a place would need to move on, and if this happens we will work directly with those affected to offer support and advice. If anyone wishes to move in to settled housing then they will be treated in the same way as any other applicant who is faced with homelessness.

“We must be clear that we cannot allow unauthorised encampments at Haldon Ridge or anywhere else in the district, and if necessary we will take legal action to evict anyone doing this.”