Happening Here!
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Since February we have been working with artist group, Blind Ditch, on a neighbourhood project for people who live in Buckland, Newton Abbot.

The project, commissioned by ourselves via Devon’s arts education organisation, DAISI, has been designed to get people together to find out what they think of their neighbourhood and about what happens, or could happen, on the streets and public places.

Between February and May 2015, Blind Ditch worked with people from across the estate to make a series of animations and interviews about Buckland past and present.

This is an artist-led project that focuses on values and perceptions of neighbourhood and social life, in order to promote positive relationships between people and the places they live in.

Those who took part made a series of animations that can be viewed via the following links:

Black Cat

Men at Work




Elizabeth Square

Table and Chairs

The group also interviewed people of all ages from accross the estate about what used to happen and what happens now in Buckland. You can listen to some of the longer edited interviews here:


A cafe

On Childhood


Things to do