High rise flat fire training
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Teign Housing and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service are continuing in their quest to make social housing fire safe. We handed over the keys to an empty sixth floor flat at Douglas House in Teignmouth to allow firefighters to simulate a high rise flat fire scenario.

Earlier this year, ourselves and the fire service announced our innovative fire safety scheme which aims to identify and protect tenants who were potentially at fire risk. This latest training exercise will put Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service's procedures to the test, making sure that their current response is sufficient to deal with the obstacles and hazards of a high rise flat fire. Artificial smoke was used to add to the reality of the scenario, providing the best possible training.

Mike Hanrahan, Teign Housing's Chief Executive said: "It is vitally important that the fire service can carry out their training under realistic circumstances. We've been waiting for a high rise flat to become empty so that this training exercise can be done properly. Residents living in Douglas House were informed and, as a social landlord, we will be able to learn from the exercise and do what we can to prevent this scenario from becoming reality."

Matt Radford, Crew Manager from Teignmouth Fire Station, and the exercise organiser said: "This is a great opportunity for us. We are very grateful to Teign Housing for allowing us the use of their premises to create a realistic training event which will test our current response to this type of incident. The potential for these incidents to go tragically wrong has been highlighted by the recent firefighter fatalities in Southampton and Hertfordshire, and brings home the hazards and risks that firefighters face when tackling high rise incidents. The benefits from carrying out such an exercise are clear for all to see, and will also raise awareness for residents about the importance of having working smoke alarms."

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