Home contents insurance - be prepared!
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At this time of year it is just so busy for most people, the last thing you might think about is insurance. But what would you do if you suffered a serious break in and your Christmas presents got stolen, or you got locked out and had to change the locks, or your TV got accidentally broken. Would your Festive season be ruined?

Today household insurance is really a necessity not a luxury. For most people the cost of resolving the above incidents would be expensive and insurance could offer peace of mind.

Can you afford not to have insurance?
Teign Housing has teamed up with Thistle Tenant Risks to offer you the Crystal Insurance Scheme, which is both convenient and good value. Contact Teign Housing for an information pack, or for more information visit www.crystal-insurance.co.uk or apply for cover today call 0345 450 7286. Exclusions and limits apply to all covers; a copy of the policy wording is available on request.

More information can be found on our home contents insurance page