Home contents insurance - be prepared!
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As a Teign Housing tenant, you can access home contents insurance that is specially designed for social housing so that you can protect your belongings. Your belongings are not insured by Teign Housing so it is important to have home contents insurance in place in case anything should happen to it.

Crystal insurance scheme can be paid for in instalments as well as by Direct Debit. Here are 10 reasons to choose Crystal home insurance

Lilla, a Teign Housing tenant is insured through Crystal and recently had to make a claim, here what she told us about her experience: “I insured my home contents with Crystal as their rates were very competitive, I just read their leaflet, it was easy to understand and uncomplicated.

“I had the misfortune to knock a glass of water over my small laptop - disaster I thought. I 'phoned Crystal and discovered the policy covered this. They were so very helpful, told me what to do, I followed their advice, it was repaired and the cheque was in the post. I cannot praise them enough it was absolutely trouble free.”

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