Join our Scrutiny Panel
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Would you be interested in becoming a Scrutiny member, working closely with other members to review services and to report your findings and recommendations to our Board?
We are currently looking for committed tenants and leaseholders to join the Scrutiny Panel.

This is an exciting voluntary role, with an important independent function. We will pay for your expenses and provide you with training and support so that you feel confident in this role.

What does the Scrutiny Panel do?
Scrutiny is the process where residents are able to review how we provide services and to challenge and make recommendations about how they could be improved. This might mean changing the way that we do things, making our services better value for money, more accessible, or a combination of these factors.

What skills do you need to join the Scrutiny Panel?
Although no previous experience is needed, we look for someone who:

  • has good reading and writing skills as well as good verbal communication
  • has ability to be objective and can analyse, interpret and question information
  • can weigh up issues, make balanced judgements and decisions based on evidence

How much time does a panel member spend on scrutiny?
A typical review takes three to six months to carry out. During this time members will need to attend regular meetings and do a little work at home.

Why should I join?
If you become a member of the Scrutiny Panel you’ll be able to:

  • find out more about how Teign Housing is run
  • challenge Teign Housing to improve the services we provide
  • receive training and experience
  • increase your skills and improve your CV.

Members of the Scrutiny Panel can also sit on the Service Board, if they undertake the required training and application process.

What does the Service Board do?

  • The Service Board was only formed in May 2016, so is a fairly new group. We require members to be on the Scrutiny Panel too so they have a good understanding of Teign Housing
  • The Service Board meets four times a year to monitor Teign Housing’s Performance around the Homes and Communities Agency’s Consumer Standards

If you are interested in becoming a scrutiny member, or would be interested in joining any of our other resident groups, please email: or contact Julie Cleave, Resident Involvement Lead, on 01626 322751 for more details.