Latest benefit changes
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Working Tax Credit
From April 2012 working couples who wish to claim Working Tax Credit as a family will only be able claim if they are working 24 hours or more per week, and not the current 16 hours per week. This could mean a reduction in income for some. For more information, please contact our Rents Team on 01626 322722 or your Local Citizens Advice Bureau – Newton Abbot Citizens Advice Bureau telephone: 08444 111 444

Non Dependant Deductions
Also from April 2012 Non Dependant Deductions are increasing. If you are currently paying a top up for your rent because you have a non dependant living with you (18 or over) these payments will need to increase, please contact the Rents Team using the number above or Teignbridge District Council on 01626 361101 for more information.

For other rent and benefit advice, please go to our pay your rent page