Latest benefit news
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Did you know you may be entitled to a Marriage Allowance?
The Marriage Allowance allows 4 million married couples and civil partners to claim a tax rebate of up to £212 a year, but only 8% of those eligible have claimed. Make sure you are not missing out, find out if you qualify click here>>

Do you receive Housing Benefit?
If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, it is important that you notify Teignbridge District Council of changes to your income. This means increases/decreases in State and private pension, increase/decrease in income due to tax code changes and changes to your Benefits (if any). You must also tell them about changes to your household as this may affect the amount of Housing Benefit you receive.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Did you know that Disability Living Allowance is being replaced for all adults born after 8 April 1958 even for adults with indefinite awards of DLA? This is because different disabilities, conditions and illnesses affect people differently. Unlike DLA, Personal Independence Payment puts more importance on how your condition affects you, and less on the type of condition you have.

To prepare you for the change, our Go 2 Advisor Naomi is contacting tenants over the next few weeks to explain the differences between the two benefits, and to talk through the PIP claims process.

DLA claimants don’t need to do anything until they receive a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions telling them that it’s time for them to make a claim for PIP. However, it’s worth preparing for the change now in order to be in the best position possible to make a successful claim for PIP. Like DLA, PIP isn’t means-tested and it won’t affect your other benefits, but the payment rates are different (for example, there’s no low rate component) and you may not receive the same level of award as you are getting now.

If you would like a booklet that explains the main points of PIP, or need money or budgeting advice, contact the Go 2 Advisor on 01626 322788