New gas contract
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Our gas servicing, heating and repairs contract is now being provided by Sharewest run by Westward Housing Group.

Across the housing sector there are a number of different property models being considered and some are actively being used. One of these has been developed by Westward for the provision of gas in the form of a cost sharing group (CSG), Sharewest.

At the Board meeting on 13th March 2014, Teign Housing’s Board approved a proposal that we use this alternative model for providing gas servicing, heating and repairs services to our customers by working in partnership with Westward Housing using the cost sharing group.

The cost sharing group Sharewest is already providing gas services to Guinness and Tarka Housing, and when Teign Housing joins this group it will provide a number of benefits:

> Allows us to work in partnership with other housing providers who will better understand the aims of the services we provide

> Will drive out cost efficiency through savings

> Allows us to ensure that a quality service is provided

> As members of the CSG we can influence and shape the cost sharing vehicle

> There is no requirement to tender under the OJEU regulations