New homes for Swift colony, Teignmouth
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You may have noticed three small holes along the roofline of the completed blocks of flats, which are part of Teign Housing’s regeneration work in central Teignmouth. These holes are not a vent or building defect, but are actually built in Swift nesting boxes.

During the planning stage of the project Teign Housing, the RSPB and Teignbridge District Council planners agreed to install the nest boxes on each block. Paul Davies, Head of Asset Management said: “As a housing association it is our responsibility to meet local housing need, and we thought we could extend this to some of our feathered friends. Sadly, the Swift population is in decline, but there is a small colony of Swifts that nest under the road bridge adjacent to the blocks. We hope that the boxes will encourage more to nest and help increase the Swift population in Teignmouth.”

As our head office is in Newton Abbot it is difficult to monitor whether the boxes are being used. If anyone in Teignmouth spots a Swift or any other bird moving into these boxes, please let us know the time and date of your Swift spot by using the online Contact Us form.