New look for Teignmouth unveiled
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The first of five new and improved blocks of flats in Teignmouth have unveiled as the final bits of scaffolding came down on Friday 17 June. This is the start of our exciting £4million regeneration project that will dramatically improve the look of central Teignmouth.

The five blocks of flats dominate the landscape as you drive through Teignmouth and the new design will turn these blocks from being out-of-date, into something much more striking that will benefit residents, local businesses and tourism.

Anne Marie Morris MP said: “The new design that has been unveiled looks great and I’m excited to see what it’s going to look like when all the blocks have been completed. Teign Housing’s investment will have a positive impact on Teignmouth’s overall appearance and will benefit both residents and businesses. The whole community has been involved in the design and planning process through a series of roadshows and through the local media, demonstrating good quality community engagement.”

Phillip Vogel, Teignbridge District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing & Planning said: “This project was part of the original promise agreement made when Teignbridge District Council transferred their stock to Teign Housing back in 2004. It’s great to see all of the hard work done by Teign Housing and the previous administration in its final stages. Teign Housing has done well to deliver something that suits the residents living in the blocks, but also something that the rest of the community can be proud of as well.

Jo Reece, Teign Housing’s Deputy Chief Executive said: “Not only can we provide new, good quality homes, but we can also regenerate our existing housing stock to make areas more desirable and enhance communities. The improvements to the external walls and roofs are not just for cosmetic purposes, but will also improve the energy efficiency of each of the blocks and will allow each household to save, on average, £180 a year on energy bills. We are pleased to be working with our locally based contractor, Gibbs & Lugg, who employ a large number of local people and source materials from surrounding businesses.”  

Work on the second building in Parson Street is now well under way and work on St James House has also started. Work at Pellow House and Douglas House will follow until all five blocks are completed in December 2012.