Pension Credit
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One in five pensioners miss out on hundreds of pounds’ worth of benefits they could claim. Does this apply to you? You may be surprised.

Why people don't claim:

  • the system is complicated
  • there are long forms
  • they think they'd only be a few pounds better off
  • they're too proud
  • they have savings and think this disqualifies them

Benefits don't arrive automatically. You have to claim them, and 'if you don't ask, you don't get'.

The importance of claiming Pension Credit

If you do only one thing as a result of reading this, apply for Pension Credit. In some cases, claiming £2 a week in Guarantee Pension Credit can mean more than £200 extra in your pocket a week.

There are two types of Pension Credit - Guarantee and Savings.

What is Guarantee Pension Credit?
It is extra money to make your weekly income up to a minimum level decided by the government. You must be the qualifying age. Go to the online State Pension Age calculator or call the Pension Service on 0800 99 1234 to find out what age you will qualify, as it depends on your date of birth. It’s called Guarantee Pension Credit because it guarantees you a minimum amount to live on. Currently, that amount is £150.20 for singles and £230.85 for couples. The amounts may be nearly twice that much if you are disabled, have caring responsibilities or certain housing costs such as mortgage interest payments.

Savings up to £10,000 don’t count. If you have more, then for each £500 of savings you have above £10,000, you will be seen as having £1 in income - which will reduce your entitlement.

A couple of links with information which may be of help are: