Running for Rowcroft
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The Templar House running club was formed in September 2010. Members are from Teign Housing and Westward Housing Group who share offices at Templar House, Newton Abbot. The team consists of Paula Birbeck, Katie Godfrey, Jo Reece and Yasmin Winther from Teign Housing and Lucy Rickson from Westward Housing Group.

Katie Godfrey, from Teign Housing said: “We wanted to run for Rowcroft to help raise money for the care and support they provide. Sadly one of our tenant Board Members, Pam Harding, recently passed away. Pam spent her last few days at Rowcroft and we are very grateful for the care and support Rowcroft staff showed Pam and her family. We would like to dedicate our run to Pam as she dedicated so much of her time to Teign Housing.  We have all been training hard and we are confident each member will complete the course in good time.”