Sniffer dog training
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We are continuing our tough stance against drug use in our properties in a joint initiative between ourselves and the Police.  Several Police dogs completed a staged drugs search at an empty property in Ashburton. 

Previously seized drugs were hidden in different locations around the house for the dogs and their handlers to find. We handed over the keys to the empty property for this one-off exercise, after the previous occupant had been given notice of possession. The property was left in quite a mess, but this increased the challenge for the dogs who had to sniff their way through piles of clothes, kitchen equipment and wardrobes to find the hidden drugs, some of which was hidden in shoes and CD cases.   

Michelle Chilcott, one of our Anti-Social Behaviour Officers said: “The use of drugs in our properties is a breach of tenancy agreement and one that we take very seriously. We have close links with the Police which helps us to prevent and tackle this type of problem. We were only too pleased to provide the sniffer dogs a chance to do their training in a realistic setting.”  

PC Mark Bramley from Devon and Cornwall Police said: “I would like to thank Michelle and Teign Housing for their generosity in allowing us to use the property for what all the handlers agreed was very realistic and practical training. Without such opportunities it would be difficult to maintain the dog’s high standards of competence."

Our Anti-Social Behaviour Team currently has eight cases related to drugs found in our properties after the Police executed a drugs warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. This has resulted in one previous eviction being made last year.