Supporting community energy in Teignbridge
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A community energy organisation that we support is making strides in promoting the benefits of local renewable energy.

Teign Energy Communities (known as TECs) is exploring plans to install renewable energy across buildings in Teignbridge. TECs has attracted great deal of support and interest from local organisations including Templer Academy Schools Trust and Teignbridge District Council.

TECs provides the umbrella to raise finance for all types of community energy projects in Teignbridge. It is currently looking at 13 sites for rooftop solar electricity in Teignbridge.

TECs' first joint installation will be solar panels on the excellent site of Teign School Sports Hall. Tony Dolan, Head of Sixth Form at Teign, is hugely excited about the prospect, " not only will it help with our energy bills , it also provides a fantastic opportunity for students to find out first-hand about the benefits of renewables. Geography and Science have syllabus units on these topics and we will have a live example on our doorstep. I'm keen for my sixth-formers to get involved with the TECs organisation for work experience. The possibilities are endless. " Teign School has indentified Katie Ball, one of their new science teachers, as a TECs Energy Champion. Welcome aboard Katie!

Iain Freeland of Templer Academy Schools Trust said “this is great news and I am very happy to be involved with the TECs initiative at Teign School. It will enable us to furnish the last of our Trust schools with solar photo-voltaics, which is brilliant.". Iain, who is a founder director of TECs, stated, " we are just waiting for the contract to be signed for a February half-term installation date. Then it's all systems go."

At its meeting of 29 September 2015 Teignbridge District Council’s Executive agreed to endorse and support TECs, including offering technical expertise in specific areas such as legal, finance and publicity on a case by case basis. At the meeting Fuad Al-Tawil ,TECs Secretary, explained the advantages of supporting local Renewable Energy generation and said afterwards: "It makes sense in these uncertain times to have more energy produced and used locally. It's the best way to use energy and save money on energy bills.”

Cllr John Goodey, Teignbridge District Council’s Executive member for Community Neighbourhoods, commented: “Teign Energy Communities (TECs) is an exciting new group looking to support local low carbon energy production while retaining the income in the local community. Teignbridge is keen to support local communities and groups who take initiative, especially when there are a number of benefits to our residents.

Teignbridge District Council has an established practice, in line with the TECs ethos, of using renewables, including solar panels on Forde House, as well as energy efficient measures such as: light sensors in corridors and toilets, water control in cisterns and computerised heating and ventilation controls. Dawlish and Newton Abbot leisure centres are eco-friendly too, with low-energy lighting in both sports halls. All this contributes in helping lower the council’s energy bills and reducing CO2 emissions.

Teign Housing has also put its full weight behind the TECs initiative, designating Tony Sharland as another founder director of TECs.

Teign Housing is a huge supporter and early adopter of renewables with solar panels both on their offices in Brunel Industrial Estate and on their housing stock. The recent government changes in subsidies for solar have reduced their own capacity to install more solar panels on Teign Housing properties, but "working closely with TECs allows us to fulfil our commitment to renewable energy generation locally. This is good for the local economy as well as our carbon footprint", said Tony.

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