Teign Housing work with South West Water
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Over the past 12 months we have worked closely with South West Water to help our customers save money on their water bills and to assist those in debt.  

We are really happy with how this partnership with South West Water has assisted our customers during the year. The number of customers who have had a water meter installed has increased by 145 properties.  South West Water customers save, on average, between £300 - £400 per year by switching to a water meter.

The number of our customers who are now supported by one of South West Water’s affordability schemes has increased by 170%. We sent applications forms for South West Water’s WaterCare tariff, which offers a discount of between 15-50% off water bills to our customers and 46% of the ones returned were successful.

In August 2015 we attended a community engagement event which was arranged by South West Water at Buckland, Newton Abbot where we talked to customers about ways they could save money off their water bills. Customers who attended provided the following feedback:

  • 100% said that it was helpful having someone to talk to face to face
  • 100% said that South West Water had identified ways to save them money on their water bill
  • 74% said they did not know about any of the help available before the event
  • 87% rated the event as ‘excellent’


We will continue our work with South West Water again this year and if you feel that your community would benefit from us coming out to talk about water bills please contact the Rents Team on 01626 322720 or rents@teignhousing.co.uk.

If you would like to discuss South West Water’s affordability schemes in more detail please contact the Rents Team on 01626 322720 for further information.