Teignmouth regeneration up-date
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Photograph: Before and After
Completed block at Parsons Street (left) and Douglas House before its makeover (right).

Three of five blocks of flats have now been completed as part of our exciting £4million regeneration project that will dramatically improve the look of central Teignmouth.

The five blocks of flats dominate the landscape as you drive through Teignmouth and the new design is turning these blocks from being out-of-date, into something much more striking that will benefit residents, local businesses and tourism.

Paul Davies, Teign Housing’s Head of Asset Management said: “The two blocks at Parsons Street, along with St James House have now been completed and I hope the people of Teignmouth like their new look just as much as we do. Work on Pellew House is well underway and is due to be completed in September 2012. Scaffolding has gone up around Douglas House and work will start in April 2012 which will be completed by the end of the year.”

For more information about this project, please go to our teignmouth regeneration page.

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