Tough stance against ASB in Teignmouth
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After gaining an outright possession order, Teign Housing and residents from Douglas House, Teignmouth have successfully taken a stand against anti-social behaviour. In June last year the we were able to obtain an anti-social behaviour injunction against David Kane of 21 Douglas House after he caused a nuisance to his neighbours by behaving in a drunk manner in communal areas, being noisy, verbally abusive and threatening towards his neighbours.

It was hoped that this injunction would prevent Mr Kane from behaving in this way and support was offered so that he could maintain his tenancy. However, in court on Wednesday 2 January, District Judge Taylor commented that ‘Mr Kane was either not willing or able to change his behaviour’ and granted us an outright possession order that requires Mr Kane to leave the property within 14 days.

Clare Beach, Neighbourhood Manager said: “We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour in our properties and we will do what we can to stop it. We can only be successful in taking this kind of action if we have enough evidence to back the case. We rely on residents to come forward and give formal witness statements and sometimes they will also need to attend court to give evidence. This can be a daunting process for anyone to go through, but this outcome shows that it really does make a difference to a case and that people don’t just have to put up with anti-social behaviour. We would like to thank the local residents who came forward as witnesses and the local Police who have worked with us on this case. We would also like to encourage any of our residents to come forward if they are experiencing anti-social behaviour in their area.”

An Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (or ASBI) is an order that prohibits the person who has been given an injunction from engaging in housing-related anti-social conduct that is specified in the injunction. A breach of an ASBI, in Civil Law, is a contempt of court which can result in the perpetrator being committed to prison for up to two years. As a landlord, we have the powers to apply an ASBI under the Housing Act 1996.