We are getting a new telephone system
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At Teign Housing we are always striving to improve customer experience, whilst still giving the best possible value for money. We now have a brand new telephone system because our old telephone system needed an extremely expensive upgrade and we wanted to find an effective alternative. We have put a lot of time and effort into selecting our new telephone system and we are confident will have the best, most cost effective product which will make contacting us easier and allow us to work much more efficiently.

Here are just a few of the best things about it:

- Calls to our contact centre are recorded, but you will no longer need to be transferred to a non-recorded line when phoning in to pay your rent. Our new phone system is clever and will stop recording when we start to put your card details in and start again when we have finished.

- If we do not answer a call to the contact centre straightaway, you will have the option to book a call-back at a time of your choice within office hours.

- During busy times, if you are unable to get through to our contact centre, our phone system will remember your number and call you back as soon as there is someone available to deal with your call. Please make sure we have your up-to-date contact details to allow this function to work. You can do this at anytime by registering with SeeMyData.

- The customer service team in the contact centre will not only be able to take voice calls from you and our contractors, but they will soon be able to accept web chat and e-mails and manage and respond to them in the same way as a phone call. So whether you are online, or on the phone, your enquiry will be dealt with in the same timeframe.