Wholly Owned Subsidiary - an up-date
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During the last year we have been working with an external consultant Echelon to carry out a review of the way in which we provide Response Repairs, Voids and Planned Works. This resulted a proposal to create a Wholly Owned Subsidiary company with an external provider (contractor) to deliver the service, which was approved by the Board with the intention that we will go live with a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in July 2017.

We have now issued notices on both the EU's 'journal' and UK Governments 'Contracts Finder' registers which advertises the tender opportunity to all interested bidders/contractors. The first stage in the tender process is called the PQQ (pre-qualification) which requires those interested to complete a questionnaire, which covers things such as their experience and turnover. We then evaluate these to produce a shortlist for the next stage. The PQQ evaluation is planned for the Thursday 4 August.