Young people and Universal Credit
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Universal Credit is a big change for all of us, and there are more changes coming. Currently, all 18-21 year olds receiving Universal Credit (UC) are assessed to establish whether they need a housing element to help them pay their rent. The housing element is the UC equivalent of Housing Benefit.

However, 18-21 year olds will no longer get a housing element as standard. Unless they fall into an excluded group such as; being in work, being responsible for a child, are claiming as a part of a couple, or have a physical or mental illness that prevents them from working – they will not get any help with their rent.

The change won’t come into force in Teignbridge until May 2018 and existing UC (or Housing Benefit) claimants won’t lose their housing element unless they have a break in their UC or HB claim. But for young people who might set up on their own in the future, or for those already set up but who might need to claim UC in the future, this could have a big impact.

If you have adult children living with you who hope to move out before they reach 22 years old, here’s what you can do:

  • Check if they will be excluded from the new rules – our Go 2 Advisor has a full list of exclusions
  • Support them to find work while they are living with you
  • Help them to save up money and develop budgeting and money management skills.

If you are a young Teign Housing tenant you should certainly check to see if you will be affected should your circumstances change. The Go 2 Advisor is on hand to help you with budgeting, money management and saving for a rainy day.