Rent arrears, Court and Eviction

It is important to realise that if Teign Housing takes you to court for rent arrears, any costs incurred will be payable by yourself.

Teign Housing has applied for around 68 court applications. This has incurred costs of around £15,000 at £250.00 per application. These costs are payable by the tenant and added to their debt. In the last 12 months, we have carried out 5 evictions for rent arrears. The tenants that were evicted have not only incurred additional court costs, but will also have to repay any balance left outstanding on their rent account.

Teign Housing will take additional recovery action to recover any debt left by a Former Tenant. You will notice that not all the court applications ended in eviction. This is because we will have worked very hard with the tenants, who wanted help, to avoid them losing their home. If the tenant had contacted the Rents Team earlier, we could possibly have helped keep their debt to a more manageable level, possibly avoided the additional debt of court costs and also the worry of being taken to court.

Please contact the Rents Team on 01626 322780 to discuss your rent account if you have a rent debt and need to discuss repayment.