Repairs and your home

The elements of your home, such as its roofs and windows need regular maintenance and repairs to keep them up to standard and in good working order. Sometimes these elements will need to be replaced completely once they've reached the end of their economic life.

We offer a responsive repairs service with two priority bandings. By Appointment repairs will be done within 21 days (28 days if it requires an inspection or survey) and Emergency repairs will be done within 24 hours. 

We are currently working through a five year, £20Million maintenance programme for the majority of your homes. In 2009 we completed a £45million improvements programme as part of the transfer promise when Teignbridge District Council sold their housing stock in 2004.

The promised improvements programme bought all of your homes up to and beyond the criteria set out by the Governments Decent Homes Standard. The new planned maintenance programme, which started in September 2009, will now make sure this standard is kept up and continues to improve.

If your home is due for maintenance work we will send you the details of any work to be carried out in your home approximately two months before. This will include what we are going to do, who the contractor will be and their contact details.

A group of customers, staff and contractors has been set up to monitor the quality and performance of the programme over the next few years.  If you would like to get involved with this group please e-mail: or call 01626 322722.