Caretaking and grounds maintenance

In May 2013 we consulted with all of our customers who receive a regular caretaking service to find out what they thought of the service. Current overall satisfaction with this service is 84% which is slightly below our target of 86%, but we have seen improvement in over areas:

Satisfaction with grass cutting
2009 - 58% 2013 - 88%

Satisfaction with communal hedge maintenance
2009 - 54% 2013 - 80%

Satisfaction with shrub bed maintenance
2009 - 62% 2013 - 77%
As only 77% were satisfied with this service this will be a key area that we will focus on during the next 12 months

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The caretaking team provide a regular service to a number of schemes that have voted to have a caretaking service. Duties vary from scheme to scheme as they are indivdually tailored to meet the needs of the customers and the scheme itself. The service we provide is paid for by you, as part of your service charges.

We have a Caretaking Monitoring Panel who help us make sure the service is running smoothly. If you would like to find out more about what they do and how to join, please go to the Caretaking Monitoring Panel page.

Our caretakers' main duties are:

  • litter picking
  • removing graffiti
  • removing fly-tipped items
  • sweeping and weeding paths
  • mopping floors
  • reporting repairs
  • replacing bulbs
  • carrying out health & safety checks

Responsive caretaking
We also have a responsive caretaking service for all areas even if they do not receive a regular caretaking service. This is for more urgent issues such as removing needles or syringes and removing offensive graffiti. If you need to report a responsive caretaking issue you should call 01626 322722 or e-mail:

Target times for responsive caretaking

24 hours
Removal of needles and syringes
Removal of offensive graffiti
Removal of broken glass

48 hours
Removal of fly-tipped goods
Removal of moss when it's a safety issue
Replenishing grit bins

7 days
Removal of non-offensive graffiti
Cutting back overhanging branches

10 days
Urgent moss removal
Litter picking

20 days
Erection of signs

30 days
Sweeping car parks and pathways
Installing and re-staining benches
Non-urgent moss removal

Grounds Maintenance
We have split all of your homes into three areas. Our caretaking team maintain the grounds in one area and we have appointed two contractors to look after the other two areas. This allows us to have more control, making it a better service for you.

Area 1
The maintenance of communal grassed areas, shrub beds and small hedges will be carried out by our team of caretakers. However, some of these areas have large hedges and grassed areas that will be picked up by one of our other contractors. For details on which contractor will carry out which works then please e-mail: or call 01626 322722.  

Area 2
This contract will be managed by KJ Thulborn.

Area 3
This contract will be managed by The Landscape Group.

To find out which area you are in and who your contractor is, download the grounds maintenance area list.