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Protect your property and your tenants with a monitoried smoke alarm

Why choose a Monitored Smoke Alarm?

Did you know that people who live in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire? Fire poses one of the most serious threats to people at home and its effects are devastating. The most important action a landlord can take is to ensure that a working smoke detector is on each level of their property. Source: DFSRS, 2015. Installing wireless smoke detectors is a simple and straightforward way of providing a monitored fire detection system in the home.

Who is it for?

The smoke detector is for anyone who wants to protect their property and keep tenants safe. The optical smoke detector has also been improved with the following features:

  • One battery - powers both the detector and radio transmission
  • Auto low battery reporting – the detector supports ALB functionality
  • 1 battery for life - supplied battery has an expected life of 10 years
  • Accredited to EN14604:2009 - the latest standard for smoke detectors

How does it work?

When smoke is detected, the wireless optical smoke detector will raise two alarms. Firstly a local audible alarm and secondly a vital signal will be automatically sent to the 24 hour monitoring centre where an experienced operator will alert the emergency services.

Because the process is automatic and immediate, the risks to life and property are reduced.

By using wireless technology, there is minimal disruption to fixtures and fittings during the installation process and detectors can be easily relocated should the need arise.


TeignCare is part of Teign Housing and is based in Newton Abbot. We cover the Teignbridge, Torbay and Totnes area and have over 1500 customers. We will install the system for you using vetted and checked local staff. The cost of the system can be added to your service charges and start at a cost of £4.47 per week.

TeignCare can also offer Carbon Monoxide Detectors as part of a Home Safety package at an additional cost.

If you are interested in the monitored Smoke Alarm, then please call our friendly TeignCare team today on 01626 355135 to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration or to request further information. You can also email us at teigncare@teignhousing.co.uk.