Questions & Answers - Barn Park Incident

We know that many customers may have questions about the incident at Barn Park over the weekend. We are on hand on the phone, web chat and email, but here is the latest available information.


  • Why did the incident happen?

As the moment we don’t know. Investigations have already started and the health and safety executive have been in attendance to ensure the incident is fully and independently investigated. We will give them all the information we have and update people when we know the confirmed cause.

Currently, action is not required on any other homes. There is no additional risk to properties in the area and people can use their gas appliances as normal.


  • How old is my boiler? When do you replace them? Can you replace mine, it’s over ten years old?

The overwhelming majority of our boilers are not over 15 years old, which is around the time considering a replacement is recommended. However, even if your boiler is older than this, as long as it has a valid gas safety certificate and so has passed the safety test with a qualified engineer,  it can continue to be used safely.


  • Is my house safe?

There is no increased risk to any local proprieties. The cause of the explosion is unknown.


  • How can I keep my family safe?

By using your gas appliance in line with the manual, and ensuring you don’t accidently leave any gas appliance on unsupervised. We must stress we don’t know the cause of the incident, so this is just general advice. It’s also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide tester and fire alarms.

If you ever smell gas, you should call  National Grid’s Gas Emergency Service Freephone number on 0800 111 999 from a landline at a different property or using a mobile phone, away from the leak.  Then call us.

You should also:

– Turn gas off at the meter, if it is safe to do so.

– Open all windows and doors.

– Don’t smoke, light a match or any other naked flame.

– Don’t turn lights on or off and avoid using other electrical switches and appliances.

– If it is an extreme leak, vacate the property but leave the windows open.


  • Can you send me a copy of my gas safety certificate?

Yes, we are happy to do this. We provide copies to all customers by post following completion of the safety check. We check all properties with a gas supply every year as required by the regulations.


  • How is the customer in hospital?

This information is private at the moment, to respect the customer and her family, but we are in contact daily with her next of kin to offer support.


  • I heard there was a smell of gas in the area? Did you know about that on the Friday?

We didn’t have any reports of a gas leak. Transco did visit somewhere else nearby, but no leak was found and they have said it is unrelated to the incident. The investigation will look into this as well as ruling in or out any other causes.


  • Can I use the gas in my home?

Yes, you can use your appliances as normal.


  • I heard you offered the families temporary accommodation?

This was a distressing emergency, so we made special arrangements to ensure people had a safe space to overcome shock. We will be looking at longer-term arrangements this week.


  • Is it Teign Housing’s fault?

The cause of the incident is not known. However, the Gas Safety test was only completed in January this year. Our priority is helping those affected by the incident and ensuring the investigation work can be carried out as effectively and quickly as possible. Once we know the cause, we will update residents with new information.


  • Can you visit my house and check my boiler and gas cooker?

If you have any concerns regarding your gas boiler/cooker, please contact our customer services team who will help you. 01626 322722. General repairs should be reported as usual. You can now report repairs and contact us via the new My Teign Account portal