Coronavirus: Community Alarm Service – TeignCare

We are no longer installing TeignCare alarms at this time.  When taking this decision we have listened to customer concerns around Covid-19 virus and government guidance.

For existing customers, the community alarm service will run in just the same way so please rest assured that if you call for assistance you will be attended to as usual.  Appello, who oversee those calls on Teign Housing’s behalf, will still notify the relevant emergency service just as they do now.  We cannot, however, guarantee the waiting time as the Ambulance service is very busy – if you live in an area covered by the Assisted Lifting Response Team, they will still be called if Appello’s call handlers are satisfied that you are a ‘non-injured’ caller.

All devices are plugged into the mains but if a power failure happens you have an emergency battery back-up.  We also know if the batteries to any of your devices are running low and will contact you to let you know what you should do.

There really is no need to worry, and we can respond to any concerns that you have when you direct any emergency enquiries via our Independent Living Team. You can contact them by calling 01626 355135 and choosing the Independent Living / TeignCare option.  Alternatively, you can email