We offer personal alarms in partnership with Careline365, a trusted telecare service provider. Their 24/7 monitoring platform helps thousands of people across the UK live confidently and independently in their own homes.

Industry Leading Service from Careline365

If you are elderly, disabled, or need extra support at home, a personal alarm from Careline365 provides help when you need it. Their service leads the market in home alarm technology, with futureproof systems ready for the nationwide digital switchover.

Every alarm is connected to their 24/7, TSA-accredited Care Team, making sure you are always in safe hands.

Why Choose Careline365?

  • UK-based Care Team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Range of personal alarms, including the SmartLife Digital Alarm, the latest in telecare technology
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot by over 2,000 genuine reviews
  • TSA Accreditation
  • Easy to install and use
  • The Evening Standard’s Top Pick for personal alarms

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Careline365 offer a range of personal alarm plans, including the advanced digital SmartLife Alarm, starting at £12.99 per month. Use the code TH40 at checkout for £40 off your chosen personal alarm plan.

You can also purchase a range of additions, including alarm-linked smoke detectors and key safes.

Over 95% of Careline365 customers are eligible for VAT Exemption on personal alarms. If you are living with a disability that affects your ability to perform daily tasks, or a medical condition that is treated as a long-term illness, you will not need to pay VAT on your personal alarm.


How does the Careline alarm service work?
Careline alarms come in two parts: a base unit and an alarm pendant. You wear your pendant around your neck or on your wrist. When help is needed, simply press the button on the pendant and an alert will be sent to their Care Team. For extra reassurance, Careline365’s digital alarm option provides 4x faster connection speeds than the average analogue alarm option. When the alert is received by the Care Team, they assess the situation and arrange help in the form of emergency contacts or the emergency services.

Do Careline365 provide a Fall Detector alarm?
Yes, Careline365 can provide you with a fall detector alarm. Fall detection is available on all Careline365 personal alarms, including the SmartLife Digital Alarm.

With a fall detector alarm, an automatic alert is raised after a sudden drop. This offers extra peace of mind if you experience a fall and are unable to activate your alarm pendant.

What happens if the Care Team can’t hear me?
If, when you activate your alarm pendant, the Care Team are unable to hear you, for any reason, they will assume you need help and proceed to alert your emergency contacts and the emergency services.

Careline365 recommend purchasing a key safe alongside a personal alarm. With a key safe, a spare key is kept in a secure place, accessible only with a unique code. By informing the Careline365 Care Team of your code, they can pass it on to emergency responders so that help can reach you sooner.

Is the pendant waterproof?
Careline365 alarm pendants are waterproof, with an IP67 rating. This means they are waterproof up to a depth of one metre for up to thirty minutes. Therefore, you can wear your pendant in the shower, though it may not be suitable for wearing in the bath.

How do I pay?
To make sure your service is uninterrupted, Careline365 recommend paying by direct debit. It’s the easiest way to pay without worrying about missing a payment.

They also offer recurring billing, over-the-phone payments, and accept cheques in the post.

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How to Order from Careline365

Ordering your personal alarm is simple. Simply visit Careline365 and view their range of products. Choose the plan you want and follow the checkout instructions. Alternatively, you can call their helpful team on 0800 101 3333 and they will talk you through the process.