Annual Report 2016>>

Our vision
We are dedicated to raising the standard of our housing services in Teignbridge through investment and adapting to changing needs. We are committed to working with our tenants and partners to provide opportunities and develop thriving communities in our local area.

Our values

We treat people with respect and compassion and we are empowered to improve the wellbeing of people living in Teignbridge. We all, with our contractors and partners, work as part of team teign.

Proud and passionate
We provide high levels of customer service. We work with pride and passion, going above and beyond to get things done.

We maximise our resources through innovation, careful spending and providing excellent value for money. We look for opportunities to expand the business by building new homes and regenerating existing homes. We recognise our role in supporting the local economy.

We are a small housing association with big ambitions and we will be the best we can.

Our aims
People and places

We will build neighbourhoods and communities where people of any age want to live. Working with our partners, we will engage with communities across Teignbridge to make sure that our tenants enjoy where they live. We will encourage projects that bring neighbours and communities together in a way that is personal to them.

Homes and maintenance
We will build and maintain our homes up to and beyond the Government’s decent homes standard by providing our tenants with high quality repairs, maintenance and safety check services. We will offer a responsive repairs service that provides appointment choices and a ‘right first time’ approach.

Customers and service
We will improve our services by finding out what our tenants want and need through meaningful consultation. We want tenants to be at the heart of Teign Housing and we will listen and learn from the feedback they give us through complaints, compliments and general enquiries. We will also gather better quality information about our tenants and their households to help us target our money into the right areas and services. It is also important for us to make sure that our services can be accessed fairly by everyone.

Health and growth
We will maintain Teign Housing’s position as a healthy and growing organisation by making sure we are financially secure and have a good governance structure. Our Board will make decisions based on good planning, innovation and risk management. As an Investors in People Champion, we will continue to invest in our staff to maximise their potential and provide excellent services

Value and investment
We will provide cost-effective, efficient and good quality services. As a local housing provider we will develop new affordable homes that allow people to stay in the towns and villages where they grew up and provide for future generations. We will also use our resources to invest in regenerating existing homes so they are more efficient and desirable.