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Please note that during the current COVID-19 health pandemic, you may be asked to inform us if you or anyone else in your household is experiencing (or has experienced recently), any symptoms of the Coronavirus i.e. high temperature, or a persistent cough. This information will be temporarily recorded on your file within our housing management system in the vital interests of our staff and repair operatives. This data will be reviewed regularly throughout the pandemic, and will only be shared with relevant authorities or contractors working on behalf of Teign Housing/Templer HomeBuild if deemed necessary for us to fulfil our public duty as a landlord to stop the spread of this virus.


Please also be aware that if you contact us to exercise your individual rights as a Data Subject as per the Data Protection Act 2018, we are only able to process these requests digitally at present, due to office closure and staff working remotely. We will endeavour to respond to such requests within timeframe where possible, however we apologise in advance for any delays to this service during a particularly busy time for our staff. This means that any paper/hard copy data that we hold will not be processed until such time that the government advises that it is safe to return to the office. For further details about how we manage your personal data, please email your enquiry to:

Privacy Policy

Teign Housing is committed to providing all our residents, customers, employees and stakeholders with the highest standards of privacy and data security, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

This Policy explains how Teign Housing uses the personal information you supply to us, and the ways in which we protect your privacy. Teign Housing is registered as a ‘Data Controller’ with the data governing body the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under registration number: Z8460281.

The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of this Privacy Policy. The term ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to Teign Housing as the Data Controller.

Data Protection Principles

The ‘GDPR’ and the Data Protection Act 2018 specifies six key principles to compliant data processing, which Teign Housing will abide by. These principles state that data must be:

  • Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way
  • Be collected only for valid purposes
  • Be relevant to the purposes we have told you about
  • Be kept only for as long as necessary
  • Be kept securely


The Data we Collect

As a social housing landlord and registered charity, Teign Housing collects information about our stakeholders for various purposes. We will collect and process data about:

  • Our customers and their family members
  • Employees and volunteers
  • Board members
  • Other stakeholders, suppliers and contractors


When interacting with Teign Housing, you will be asked to provide personal information for us to:

  • Respond to your enquiry
  • Process your application for housing
  • Process rent and welfare benefit payments
  • Manage your ongoing tenancy
  • Process your application for employment
  • Deal with your complaint

The personal data that you are likely to be asked to provide to us will include (but not exclusively):

  • Full name(s)
  • Address (including previous and forwarding addresses)
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Details (such as telephone numbers and email addresses)
  • National Insurance Number
  • Responses to Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employment Status
  • Financial Information (Bank Account Details, Details of any Welfare/Benefit Entitlements)
  • Criminal Convictions History
  • Cookies on our website
  • Photograph at tenancy sign-up (for the purpose of eliminating tenancy fraud)


On occasion, if appropriate, we may collect data that is ‘Sensitive’ or ‘Special Category’ including:

  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Sexuality
  • Medical Information
  • Biometric Data

We will never collect, process or share your sensitive personal data without your prior explicit consent, and will only collect it if you feel that it will help us to better sustain your tenancy or employment with us, and you provide this data to us voluntarily. This data will enable us to assess our compliance to the Equalities Act 2010 and will allow us to better tailor our products and services to you and our communities. The amount of personal information you are required to supply will be limited to only that which is necessary to supply the service or carry out the transaction you have requested.


Our Lawful basis for Data Processing

We will only collect and process personal data if it satisfies certain lawful purposes. Our lawful basis for processing personal data is:

  • To Satisfy the Performance of a Contract – our Tenancy Agreements permit us to collect process and share personal information relating to our residents to enable us to fulfil our requirements as a landlord under our Tenancy Agreements.
  • Consent – if we require sensitive or special category data, or if we are using your personal information for a new purpose, we will always seek your explicit consent beforehand. This will be in the form of a tick-box that requires you to actively tick to agree to the data processing or requires a signature to confirm your consent.
  • In our Legitimate Interests – We can process personal data if it is genuinely in the interests of both Teign Housing and the Data Subject.
  • Vital Interests – Teign Housing can process and disclose personal data if it is in the interests of health and safety or if someone is in immediate danger.
  • Legal Purposes – Teign Housing can disclose personal data if it is required by law. For example, if requested by the Police, if it’s needed for Court proceedings, or to share data with government agencies or the DBS service.

Most of our data is collected directly from you when signing up to a Teign Housing property. This data may be collated from your Devon Home Choice application and via your Pre-Tenancy Interview documentation. We may also collect your personal data from other external agencies such as the Local Authority or previous landlords.


The Sharing of Personal Data

Teign Housing shares customer personal data with a range of trusted third-party processors for a range of different purposes such as:

  • To enforce our contract with you and our clients and inform you of any changes
  • To process your application for a job vacancy
  • To obtain feedback from you and provide ongoing customer service
  • To deal with any complaints
  • For regulatory and legal purposes
  • For the security, health and safety of tenants and customers
  • For the prevention of crime and antisocial behaviour


For us to fulfil our duties under the Tenancy Agreement, we are required to share your personal data with other third-party processors that we work with including:

  • Police and the Emergency Services
  • HMRC
  • Other landlords
  • Legal advisors, the courts, our insurers and auditors
  • Health professionals
  • Contractors including our Subsidiary company Templer HomeBuild
  • Consultants
  • Utility companies
  • Local Authorities, government regulators and agencies (Department of Work and Pensions, Regulator of Social Housing or Homes England)
  • Credit checking agencies and debt recovery company’s
  • Charities and voluntary organisations
  • Appello Careline

We will not share your personal data with any other third parties unless required by law or without your prior consent. We do not currently process or disclose any personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Please note the following occasions whereby your personal data will be disclosed to a third party:

  • We may share your name, tenancy dates, meter readings, address and/or forwarding address with utility companies and council tax departments to ensure accurate billing, or if you terminate your tenancy whilst in arrears with your utility providers.
  • We use debt recovery and tracing agencies if you breach your tenancy agreement terms and accumulate high level rent arrears with us. Your information will be shared with these external agencies if required.
  • We work proactively with government agencies, local authorities and debt advice agencies such as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to engage with residents in high level rent arrears to ensure that welfare benefits and rent are paid correctly and to avoid legal action and evictions.
  • We may pass your contact details to an external research company for the purpose of conducting satisfaction surveys and census surveys on our behalf. You can opt out of this if you wish.
  • We may share your information with external agencies if there are welfare and safeguarding concerns in the interests of safety and security.
  • We may share your National Insurance number in order to investigate tenancy and Right to Buy fraud. We will also take a photograph of the Lead Tenants at tenancy sign-up meetings for the prevention of tenancy fraud (Legal/Legitimate Interests)
  • When new customers sign-up to a Teign Housing property, some personal data will be shared with the Government Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government for research and statistical analysis purposes known as ‘CORE’. Their Privacy Notice explains more:
  • We work in partnership with Help the Move to ensure utility suppliers are provided with up to date information on your tenancy and to assist you in setting up the most appropriate utilities. More information can be found in their Privacy Notice:


The Protection and Retention of Personal Data

Databases in the Teign Housing network are password protected and we have security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control. Your personal data will be securely held by Teign Housing in accordance with our Data Retention Policy and industry best practise. This means that your data will not be stored for longer than is necessary. Teign Housing has an obligation to ensure that all personal data and records are kept up to date, secure and destroyed appropriately in relation to data retention guidelines published by our regulator The National Housing Federation. Physical documents are kept to a minimum where possible but will be shredded and professionally disposed of when no longer needed.


Data Profiling

Teign Housing may use personal data for profiling or automated decision-making purposes – this may include research and statistical analysis using personal data. We will always inform you first if your personal data is likely to be used in this way, unless the data is anonymised, in which case consent is not required. Data profiling activities enables us to gain a better understanding of our customer base, their needs and requirements and enables us to develop stronger communities and better services for you.

Teign Housing uses ‘Mobysoft Rentsense’ software which uses algorithms in our data to help us predict and manage rent arrears. This is conducted under the lawful basis of ‘Legitimate Interests’, as it is in Teign Housing’s interest to monitor our income through rents and to minimise rent arrears, it is also in our tenant’s interests to not fall behind on their rent payments. If you have any questions regarding this data processing and software, you can find the Mobysoft Privacy Policy here:


Our Subsidiary – Templer HomeBuild

Teign Housing will act as the ‘Data Controller’ for all data processing activities conducted by the repairs and maintenance subsidiary company, Templer HomeBuild. As such, Teign Housing will share relevant personal tenant information with the subsidiary such as: name, address and contact details to enable the subsidiary to carry out their day-to-day duties such as contacting tenants to book repair appointments, for example.

This data sharing is necessary to enable us to deliver a contractual service of repairs and maintenance as set out in our Tenancy Agreements. Teign Housing has obtained the necessary assurances from the subsidiary by way of a Data Sharing Agreement that they will handle personal tenant data as per their responsibilities set out by the ‘GDPR’. Any complaints or queries relating to the way that personal information has been handled by the subsidiary company should be reported directly to Teign Housing’s Data Protection Officer by emailing



CCTV surveillance is in use across some of Teign Housing’s estates and communal areas in the interest of resident safety, for the prevention of crime and for the protection of Teign Housing property. Appropriate signage will be provided in all areas that are covered by CCTV surveillance to inform the public of its presence. Images captured by CCTV may be shared if required by law or if in the public interest with agencies including the Police and with solicitors for investigations into any criminal or anti-social activity carried out on Teign Housing property. CCTV images will be stored securely in accordance with Teign Housing’s Data Retention Policy. CCTV is also in use within the grounds and offices of our head office building for the same purposes as mentioned above.


Online Job Applications

Any personal information supplied via our website for the purpose of completing an online job application will be used solely for the purposes of assessing suitability for the role and for arranging any subsequent interviews. Some of this personal information may be shared with authorised third-party processors if required by law for DBS checks or for the purposes of progressing your application through obtaining references. All unsuccessful job applications will be retained for 6 months and all successful applications will be retained for 12 months. By submitting a job application through this website, you accept the processing of this data as described above.


TeignCare Service

Teign Housing provides the TeignCare service offering pull cord and personal alarm services to those who require additional support with independent living. Customers of the Teign Care service will supply us with personal information about themselves and their Next of Kin in order for us to provide them with the service they have requested of us. This data will be shared with our out of hours emergency call centre, ‘Appello’, to enable them to process any emergency calls. Calls to the Appello helpline may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. Personal data of Teign Care customers may also be shared in the event of an emergency with authorised care workers or emergency services such as: Police, Fire and Ambulance Services if it is deemed to be in the vital interests of the customer. Only personal information deemed necessary for the performance of the service will be disclosed to any of the above third parties.


‘My Teign Account’

Our online tenant portal ‘My Teign Account’ is a secure platform that allows tenants to easily access their own personal information that we hold at Teign Housing. The service allows tenants to pay their rent and book repairs, as well as being a mechanism for changing and updating personal information. Customers can deactivate their accounts at any time.


The Processing of Children’s Data

Teign Housing does not process children’s data apart from names and date of birth which are required for setting up a tenancy where children will be part of the household. This is required to ensure that families are allocated the correct property to suit their needs and requirements. Children’s data will only be disclosed if requested by law for police or social services investigations in the vital interests of the child. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, children over the age of 13 years are permitted to grant their own consent to data processing where deemed appropriate.


Google Analytics & Cookies

Teign Housing collects anonymous data using Cookies to analyse the traffic to our website. This anonymised data allows us to monitor the website’s effectiveness as well as enabling us to improve the content of the website. For more details about your privacy rights associated with Google, please click here to view their own Privacy Policy . Some of this information may be aggregated or statistical, which means that we will not be able to identify you individually and is used to help us build a clearer picture of our users and their online habits in relation to our website.


External Links

We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any websites that are linked from this site; we therefore recommend that you consult any external website’s own Privacy Policy.


E-Newsletter ‘In Touch’

Teign Housing uses a third-party provider, ‘Mailchimp’, to deliver our monthly e-zine Newsletters. We may gather statistics around email opening and clicks using industry standard technologies. For more information, please see  If you would like to be removed from our newsletter mailing list, please call our Business Support Team on 01626 322722 or email Teign Housing does not carry out any other form of direct marketing.


Calls to our Business Support Hub

Please be aware that calls made to our Business Support Team are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. When contacting us, some personal information may be required for the purpose of processing an enquiry. Call recordings will be paused if you are ringing to make a rent payment.


Live Webchat 

We use live chat software on our website, this is provided by Click4Assistance, a 3rd party UK based Software Company. Information regarding how the data is processed and stored can be viewed at”


Your Rights

The data protection legislation gives our customers, tenants and staff much greater choice, control and rights over how we handle personal sensitive data. These rights include:

  • The Right to be Informed – Teign Housing must offer total data transparency, and inform you by way of Privacy Notices, of the ways in which we are collecting and processing your personal data.
  • The Right of Access – You can request to have access to the information that Teign Housing holds about you, this is known as a Subject Access Request. We have up to one calendar month to provide you with a response.
  • The Right to Rectification – If you notice that any of your personal data that is inaccurate or incorrect, you can ask us to correct it and update our systems.
  • The Right to Erasure – Also known as the ‘Right to be Forgotten’, you can request that Teign Housing deletes and removes certain information from our systems if it is no longer relevant, inaccurate, or if it is likely to cause you problems or distress.
  • The Right to Restrict Processing – You can request that Teign Housing stops processing certain data for a certain period, if you feel that the processing of this data is going to have negative implications on you.
  • The Right to Data Portability – You can request that your personal data is collated and sent directly to a new Data Controller in an easily readable (and usually digital) format.
  • The Right to Object – You can object to the processing of certain data if you feel that the processing is unnecessary or has potential to impact on your individual rights and freedoms.
  • Rights around Automated Decision Making and Profiling – If we intend on using personal data for research, analysis or statistical work for the purposes of profiling, we must inform you and obtain your explicit consent beforehand, unless the data used is anonymised. You can withdraw consent to profiling projects that involves your personal data, or you can object to its processing in this way.

If you would like to exercise any of the above rights and have a justifiable reason for doing so, please make your request in writing to:

Craig Manley

Data Protection Officer

Teign Housing, Millwood House, Collet Way, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4PH

or alternatively, email your request to

Please note that Teign Housing has up to one month to respond to/process any requests for the above, and we will require proof of your identity before disclosing any personal information. Teign Housing can refuse to comply with a data subject’s request if there is a legitimate or legal purpose for us to do so (i.e. the data is vital for us to sustain your tenancy).


Last Update

Teign Housing may occasionally update or make changes to our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notices on any data collecting documents to reflect regulatory changes or business changes, and we will endeavour, where practical and reasonable, to alert you to any changes that may affect you.

This Policy was last updated on 25.03.2020

Please note that this Privacy Policy is designed to provide you with an overall perspective on Teign Housing’s data collection and processing activities and is not an exhaustive list. We will always notify our customers and staff where practical, of any changes to the ways in which we manage personal data.


Queries & Complaints

If you have already contacted our Data Protection Officer and we have been unable to deal with your query, you have the right to contact the regulatory body for data governance The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you still have a complaint or query:

Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF

Tel: 0303 123 1113