Our Performance

Working with customers, we set targets for our work - Key Performance Indicators. We monitor these regularly to see if we are meeting our targets or if more work needs to be done to improve our performance.

You can view our Key Performance Indicators by downloading them from the grey download box to the right.

To make it easier to see at a glance, we have coloured the areas in green where we are meeting or exceeding target, amber where we are within 5% and moving in the right direction and red where we fall below target and where we need to improve.

Housemark have developed a benchmarking dashboard for all housing associations. This allows us to see, at a glance, how we are performing and what level of value for money we offer against a range of services. To view this dashboard, follow this link to the Housemark website.

See our Corporate Dashboard guide which shows you how we put together our balanced scorecards. It also shows why we monitor particular areas and how we calculate it.