Our Neighbourhood Services Advisors & Independent Living Advisors regularly inspect our estates and complete an Inspection Log for each site when they visit. We take responsibility for ensuring that any issues are followed up and repairs completed quickly and effectively.

The inspections will look at things like:
• Health and Safety issues in the neighbourhood
• Repairs in communal areas that haven’t already been reported
• Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles
• Litter, bin stores and fly-tipping
• Grass cutting, landscaping and other estate services
• Highlighting Tenants’ responsibilities such as untidy gardens

Each month we measure how many estates we have inspected and how many actions have been raised. We then monitor the actions raised to ensure that they do not remain outstanding.

Please note due to government guidelines we will not be completing any estate inspections at present, please see information below on how to report a concern.

If you should notice anything at any of our estates that you feel needs investigating and is of a concern, please contact us as follows:

Tel: 01626 322722
(Calls to Teign Housing may be recorded)
email: customerhub@teignhousing.co.uk

General Needs

The General Needs estate inspections schedule will be available to view in the future.

Independent Living

The Independent Living estate inspections schedule will be available to view in the future.