How does Teign Housing manage asbestos in my home?

We have a duty to manage asbestos in the communal areas of our buildings. We also carry out surveys in individual dwellings when a property becomes empty or before our contractors do some types of works in your property.

We have several options if we find asbestos and will pick the best one for your safety and to ensure any works in your property can be completed:

  • Leave in place – often the best and safest option
  • Removal
  • Encapsulation – this is where a special coating is applied to the material.

Asbestos surveys and remedial work

When asbestos is in good condition and not damaged it is not a danger. Once disturbed and its dust gets into the air is there a possible risk to health. Do not tamper with or touch any asbestos material.

You can find out where asbestos materials can be found in a home on the HSE website.


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Templer HomeBuild work with several subcontractors to undertake a range of heating repairs and services. The appointed subcontractor will contact you directly by phone, email or letter to arrange an appointment date and time.